Charity, God’s Love We Deliver.

God’s love is fundamental to our identity as his children and the sacrifice of Jesus. If we aren’t rooted and grounded in the unconditional love of God, we will be like untethered buoys being tossed about in the sea. It may seem elementary that God loves you, but I’d encourage you to open your heart afresh to this reality, that God could reveal his love to you in a real and new way.

Do you know that God loves you the way he loves Jesus? His heart is full of affection for you. Jesus always prays perfectly in line with the will of the Father because they are one. So when Jesus prays for God to love us with the same love he has been given, his prayer is in perfect alignment with the heart of our Father.The most important commandment for us as we seek to live as disciples of Christ: love God and love neighbor.

So as we think about exactly what it means to love God and love neighbor, let’s just talk about love for a minute. I think we most often experience, think about, and describe love as a feeling, an emotion. This week I went to Facebook with the question, “What is love?” I got many more responses than I was expecting, and they ran the gamut of descriptions. Some people described a feeling: “Love is being happy when another is happy.” Or, “Love is when you want better for another—even more than for yourself.” But other responses talked about love in a different way, more active: “Love is giving of or sacrificing yourself (even your life) for the sake of another without expecting anything in return.” “Love is noticing and responding to a need.” “Love is taking time to listen.” “Love is desiring and striving after another’s best interest.” “Love is seeing another person as God sees them.”  Sometimes we may “give in love” simply by saying a prayer for a person experiencing a particularly stressful time. Other times, we might “give in love” by paying the security deposit for a homeless family moving into a real home. We might “give in love” by turning the other cheek when someone has hurt us. And then there are those times when “giving in love” means going all the way, running up the staircase of the World Trade Center when everyone else is running down, or throwing your body over your friends so that the bullets don’t hit them. Always, love is given freely, without concern for our own interests or well-being.


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